Monday, December 13, 2010

Pondering Thought

There is this saying that home is where your heart is. Well what if your heart isn't in a particular place? I know mine isn't. My heart is not at my so called "home," it's not at my college home; it's not even with a guy. What I have been realizing these 4 long months of solitude, is that I have lost my heart. I cannot begin to find it. I do love someone but they are miles away and it's not the "in love" type of love. I have lost myself. Silence is a very close friend of mine. She visits me offend and listens to my screams and torment that I put myself through. Though the problem is I cannot begin to break the bond silence and I have. I do not know when or how it started. And not knowing the underlined meaning of why this all began and why it is continuing will keep me drowning. Silence, loneliness, I welcome you but wish you away. Escaping is harder than not being able to breathe.