Sunday, January 30, 2011

My job

I think this maybe my last semester as a resident assistant. I can't deal with screaming girls, guys sneaking up, drunk people, extremely rude and disrespectful people, disgusting bathrooms, spills in the hallways, and loud for no reason people anymore. Like I am fed up!! The problem is this is the only job that pays for my housing and gives me a paycheck. And seeing how I mainly support myself, if I quit I'll have to find another job somewhere for income and a place to live. So at the moment I'm at a stand still since I am not quite sure what to do exactly. I love my job though, maybe I can move to a building that is known for being quiet and I would be happier. I think it's the loudness and people being disrespectful to prove a point they are obviously losing that I can't take anymore. And I'm sure any building I move to will have some people that just have to break the rules. But long as I can get silence when I need it, I think I'll be okay.

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