Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rambling Thoughts

1. I'm so cold that just looking at me freezes you. I'm so hot that when I jump inside a volcano everything turns to ash!!! I'm so hypothermia cold and so magma hot, I am ICY HOT!!!

2. RENT is the best musical, play and movie EVER!!!

3. I'm more than amazing, I am bewildering!! (Bewilder is a synonym for amazing. ROFTL)

4. Insanity is one of my closest friends!

5. I don't understand why I am so mean to guys sometimes. Maybe that's why it's so hard to find a boyfriend. IDK!!

6. Why do these girls wear shorts that come above their knees when it's clearly COLD outside?

7. I truly need more fun in my life. But not the kind that will make me to conform/do things I don't want to do.

8. I need better friends and I need to build closer relationships with good friends I already have. 
 and let the bad "friends" go far away.

9. I seriously do not know where my future is going or what career I will be in at it's terrifying, especially since I will be a Senior in the Fall. It's also scary cause I do not know what career I would like to work for probably the rest of my life. And I prefer not to be a career college student.

10. I have no clue why my ring finger on my right hand hurts terribly when I try to bend it, why the joints on that same finger are red, or why it's swollen a little. I also do not why I have runners' knees if I do not run.

11. I don't like people with no morals or people that say they have morals and don't follow them or people with very low standards. I don't get how that doesn't come back to hurt you later.

12. Sadness and this type of anger scares the pants off me.

13. No clue why I feel that I need to blog about certain things. Maybe I need someone that will listen and I can't tell they are judging me or someone that listens and puts effort in trying to help me when I need help. For some reason, I don't feel like I have that anymore and it makes me very sad and angry. So sad and angry that I scare myself sometimes.

14. I wanted this to be numbered evenly so I made a number 14. LOL!

Anyway, enough of my rambles...later!

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